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Research Description

Batista, Victor Chemistry QM/MM computational modeling of structure-function relations in macrobiomolecules
Breaker, Ronald


Nucleic acids biochemistry and engineering, riboswitch and noncoding RNA discovery and analysis

Brudvig, Gary Chemistry
Photosynthetic water oxidation; EPR spectroscopy; metalloproteins; biological electron-transfer reactions
Cabral, João MB&B Structure/function of membrane proteins involved in ion permeation
Crews, Craig MCDB
(Chemistry, Pharmacology)
Natural product syntheses and mechanisms of actin studies
De La Cruz, Enrique MB&B Mechanisms of energy transduction and allostery in molecular motors. Cooperative actin filament interactions
Engelman, Donald MB&B Folding and oligomerization of membrane proteins: structural motifs, association energies, design principles
Gerstein, Mark MB&B
(Computer Science)
Bioinformatics: Large-scale analysis of genome sequences, macromolecular structures and expression data
Jorgensen, William Chemistry Theoretical chemistry and biochemistry, computer aided drug design, and synthetic organic chemistry
Loria, Patrick Chemistry Protein dynamics, enzyme function, NMR methods development
Miranker, Andrew MB&B Protein folding, misfolding and assembly of pathogenic complexes
Modis, Yorgo MB&B The structural basis of innate immune sensing and viral membrane fusion
Moore, Peter Chemistry
Structure and function of ribosomes
Pyle, Anna Marie MB&B RNA tertiary structure and folding of group II intron ribozymes; Translocation and unwinding mechanims of RNA helicase enzymes; Computational analysis of RNA structure
Pollard, Thomas MCDB
Molecular mechanism of actin-based cellular motility and of cytokinesis
Regan, Lynne MB&B
Protein structure, function and design; protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions
Rhoades, Elizabeth MB&B Characterization of protein conformation/dynamics; protein-protein interactions, and protein-membrane ineractions
Schepartz, Alanna Chemistry
Developing chemical tools to study protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions inside the cell
Snyder, Michael MCDB
Regulatory Networks: Large-scale analysis of eukaryotic genomes and proteomes
Söll, Dieter MB&B
Genomics of the translation apparatus
Steitz, Thomas


X-ray diffraction and molecular biological structure/function studies of proteins and nucleic acids involved in replication, recombination, transcription and translation
Strobel, Scott MB&B Structure and function of RNA: understanding the catalytic mechanism and tertiary structure of RNA enzymes
Tully, John Chemistry
(Applied Physics, Physics)
Theory of dynamics of chemical reactions at solid surfaces, in the condensed phase and in biological molecules
Unger, Vinzenz MB&B Structure and function of integral membrane proteins and membrane associated scaffolds
Valentine, Ann Chemistry Bioinorganic chemistry, particularly uptake, transport, and use of hydrolysis-prone elements and biomineralization
Xiong, Yong
MB&B Structures and functions of host factors that restrict viral infection

Yan, Elsa

Chemistry Molecular functions of G protein-coupled receptors
Zilm, Kurt
(Chemical Engineering)
Development of solid state NMR methods to determine macromolecular stuctures and to study the physical chemistry of proteins in the solid state with a current emphasis on water dynamics and the protein glass transition

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