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The Brudvig Group works to understand the chemistry of water oxidation in plant photosynthesis and to model this water-oxidizing chemistry with synthetic catalysts.  Current research projects also include studies on energy transduction in Photosystem II and artificial photosynthetic systems. 


For more information on our research, visit the project pages listed to the left.


Image of the OEC with labeled substrate water is taken from Ulas, G; Olack, G.; Brudvig G. W. Biochemistry (2008), 47, 3073-3075.





Recent News

» Congratulations to Alex Parent, Katherine Shinopoulos, and Kari Young, who graduated with Ph.D. degrees, and to Nick Wang, who graduated with a B.S. degree.  Alex has begun a postdoctoral fellowship at Kyushu University in Japan.  Katherine has begun a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Kari will begin a position of Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Centre College. 05-20-2013

» Welcome new graduate students Dimitar Shopov and Shashi Sinha to the Brudvig group! 02-01-2013

 »  Gary Brudvig named acting director of Energy Sciences Institute at Yale West Campus.  The Institute will focus on renewable energy and long-term sequestration of carbon dioxide.  Read about it here.  09-04-2012.

» Congratulations to James D. Blakemore, who graduated with his Ph.D., and Maxwell Kushner-Lenhoff, who graduated with B.S. and M.S. degrees.  James will begin a postdoctoral position at Cal Tech.  Max will start a position as Communications Manager for the office of the CEO at Dow Chemical. 05-28-2012.

» Yale launches Energy Sciences Institute at West Campus using a $25 million gift from Yale alumnus Thomas F. Steyer '79 and his wife Kathryn A. Taylor.  The Energy Sciences Institute will focus on interdisciplinary solution to the global challenge of renewable energy.  Read about it here.  09-13-2011

» Congratulations to Gözde Ulas, who recently graduated with her PhD, and postdocs Gary Moore and Yunlong Gao, who have accepted new positions in California and China, respectively.  Congratulations again!  09-06-2011

» Gary Brudvig was recently quoted in a New York Times article discussing the future of artificial photosynthesis.  Read the article here. 05-23-2011



Image: S2-state EPR spectrum of PSII.