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This website is being set up by the Chemistry Graduate Student Board for both faculty and chemistry graduate student use. Please send us any suggestions for things that you would like to see at this site or suggestions for the group in general.

Suggestion Box

The initial idea behind this group's formation was two-fold: It would give faculty a more coherent way of discussing issues relating to courses and recruit ment with students, and it would give students greater opportunity to discuss pr oblems/ideas with their colleagues. You can either e-mail from your own system or - if you wish to remain anonymous - you can find a working computer in the ch emistry cluster and mail via the browser. (Please note, however, that if you co ntact us through the web and wish to receive a reply from us, you must include y our e-mail address.)

Any safety concerns can now be addressed through several channels. After the results of our safety survey, a Safety Liason Committee (SLC) has been formed comprising four faculty and four students. Prof Zielger is the chair, and concerns may be addressed to him or to the student representatives.

Student SLC Contact

General suggestions should go to the suggestion box above. If you have questions/concerns regarding specific labs, courses, or faculty, please contact one of the people in the relevant areas below. Course improvement suggestions are welcome, but please also feel free to contact the faculty themselves about such issues. If you wish to discuss a more sensitive issue such as possible racial or gender bias that you have encountered, you may talk to any of us and/or go to the DGS. Any such discussions will remain confidential for as long as you wish. Nonconfrontational resolutions have been achieved in the past, so don't be afraid to talk to us about it.

Biophysical Contacts

Szilvia Szep: szilvia.szep@yale.edu or contact her by phone in lab 432-5205.

Andrej Luptak: andrej.luptak@yale.edu or contact him by phone in lab 432-6370.

Inorganic Contacts

Luis Alcazar-Roman: luis.alcazar-roman@yale.edu or contact him in lab at 432-3943.

We need a female volunteer for this area! Please contact us.

Organic Contacts

Alexis Kays: alexis.kays@yale.edu or contact her in lab at 432-3984.

Gregg Keaney: gregg.keaney@yale.edu or contact him by phone in lab 432-3969.

Physical Contacts

Steve Corcelli: corcelli@onsager.chem.yale.edu or contact him in lab at 432-6068.

Erica Woronowicz: erica.woronowicz@yale.edu or contact her in lab at 432-3990.

Foreign Students/Minorities

Jay Rahman: rahman@onsager.chem.yale.edu or contact him in lab at 432-6068.

We need a female volunteer for this area! Please contact us.

Last updated May 8, 2001