NSF Center for Quantum Dynamics on Modular Quantum Devices

CCI Workshop 2022

Workshop Schedule

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Presentation Slides

  1. CCI Center for Quantum Dynamics on Modular Quantum Devices Mission, Ongoing Work and Outlook, by Professor Victor Batista
  2. Excited State Quantum Phase Transition in Squeezed Kerr-Nonlinear Resonators, by Professor Lea Santos
  3. Towards Simulating Chemical Open System Quantum Dynamics on a Quantum Computer, by Professor Eitan Geva
  4. Quantum Machine-Learning for Complex Chemical Systems, by Professor Sabre Kais
  5. Tensor Trains and Quantum Computing for Highly Multidimensional Molecular Simulations, by Professor Micheline Soley
  6. Two-electron reduced density matrix as the basic variable in the hybrid quantum-classical computing of many-electron systems, by Professor David Mazeotti


  1. Tensor-Train Split-Operator KSL Method for Quantum Dynamics Simulations, by Ningyi Lyu, Micheline B. Soley, and Victor S. Batista
  2. A Bosonization Method to Map Molecular Model Hamiltonians to cQED Processors, by Ningyi Lyu, Alessandro Miano, Ellen Mulvihill, Micheline B. Soley, Eitan Geva, Sabre Kais, Michel Devoret and Victor S. Batista
  3. Simulating open quantum system dynamics via the generalized quantum master equation on quantum computing devices, by Yuchen Wang, Ellen Mulvihill, Zixuan Hu, Ningyi Lyu, Saurabh Shivpuje, Yudan Liu, Micheline B. Soley, Eitan Geva, Victor S. Batista, and Sabre Kais
  4. Towards the Quantum Computer Calculations with Customized Electronic Structure Hamiltonian, by Delmar G. A. Cabral, Brandon Allen, Fabijan Pavošević, Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, Victor Batista