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The wide range of courses offered by the Department of Chemistry reflects the position of chemistry as the foundation of all the molecular sciences.

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Undergraduate Teaching Staff

Christine DiMeglio Lecturer in Chemistry 203 432 5914
N. Ganapathi Lecturer in Chemistry 203 432 3949
Jonathan Parr Lecturer in Chemistry 203 432 5915

Students with B.A. or B.S. degrees in chemistry go on to a variety of professional callings. In addition to graduate work in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, or other health-related disciplines, the department's graduates find their broad scientific training useful in fields such as business management and law. As contemporary society's problems involve ever more complex scientific issues, degree programs in the sciences become increasingly appropriate for students wishing to pursue careers in public policy, government, or public service. The breadth of exposure to the physical and life sciences makes chemistry an especially appropriate major for these students.

The majority of students intending to major in one of the physical or life sciences, as well as those planning to pursue postgraduate studies in a health-related discipline, should begin the study of chemistry in their freshman year.

The Office of the Director of Undergraduate Studies is located in Room 1 Sterling Chemistry Laboratory (SCL). The Director of Undergraduate Studies for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 is Professor Kurt Zilm, who may be reached by email.

A comprehensive description of the undergraduate program in Chemistry, including information on placement exams, laboratory registration, information for premedical students, and major requirements, may be found within the Yale College Programs of Study.

Exceptionally well-prepared students may complete a course of study leading to the simultaneous award of the B.S. and M.S. degrees after eight terms of enrollment. Formal application for admission to this program must be made by the first day of classes in the sixth term of enrollment.

For a list of current courses in Chemistry, click here.

A variety of programs are available to undergraduates interested in research opportunities in the Chemistry Department. Perspectives on Science and Engineering is a yearlong course and summer program providing first year students with an introduction to contemporary scientific research and research opportunities. STARS (Science, Technology and Research Scholars) provides selected first year students through seniors with an integrated experience in research, course-based study and development of mentorship skills. Interdepartmental programs such as Perspectives on Science and Engineering and STARS provide funding for research during the summer and/or academic year. More than fifteen individual fellowship programs are available for the support of undergraduate research. Many student research projects are supported by individual faculty research grants. For information on research within the Chemistry Department, please visit http://chem.yale.edu/faculty/index.html.