X-ray Crystallographic Facility

Dr. Brandon Mercado X-Ray Crystallographer 203 432 0145

For more information, please visit http://cbic.yale.edu.

The X-Ray Crystallographic Facility of the Department of Chemistry conducts characterizations by X-Ray diffraction of small-molecule organic or inorganic single crystals submitted primarily by the Department. As an extension service, the facility also accepts sample submissions from other departments of the University, and from local, national, and international collaborators of academe and industry. The laboratory is a part of the Departmental Chemical Instrumentation Center that is a comprehensive facility containing a vast array of medium and high frequency NMR spectrometers, GC/MS, LC/MS, and MALDI-TOF/MS. In addition, the center also maintains a collection of instruments for optical spectroscopy that includes FT-IR, Raman, CD, UV-VIS, fluorescence, polarimetric and atomic adsorption instruments.

The Departmental X-ray Crystallography Facility houses four diffractometers that are available to the research community.  The Facility is operated by full-time staff who provide training to users that request open-access as well as providing detailed analyses for submitted samples.
Instrumentation includes:
Rigaku SCXMini equipped with a sealed tube Mo radiation source and CCD detector
Rigaku R-AXIS SPIDER equipped with sealed tube Mo and Cu radiation sources and image plate (IP) detector
Rigaku 007HF rotating anode Cu radiation source with CCD and IP detector
Bruker D8-Focus powder diffractometer with a sealed tube Cu radiation source and scintillation (NaI) detector

We are capable of handling samples that are sensitive to air, moisture, and/or temperature and we welcome all challenges. Additional equipment includes an Olympus SZ Stereo Microscope with polarizing attachments, access to the Cambridge Structural Database©, and several Linux and Windows based PCs.