Dr. Eric Paulson NMR Manager 203 432 3942
Dr. Xiaoling Wu Research Associate 203 432 3935

For more information, please visit http://cbic.yale.edu.

Instrument Reservations The NMR Spectrometer is available for use by reservation (read details below). Booking schedule is available here.

The open-access NMR spectrometers at Yale are grouped into two categories based on their usage, walk-up and high-field.

The walk-up spectrometers are accounted in 10-minute increments and can be used reserved for blocks of time ranging from 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on the time of day and whether the usage is on a weekend or weekday. To gain access to these instruments, please Request a Yale CIC Account. After we have evaluated your needs, CIC staff will create your accounts and schedule training sessions as appropriate.